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The coaching archives section of this website allows you to look at the names of the past varsity coaches in the St. Paul City Conference.

When researching the history of our conference, especially as it deals with coaches, I discovered that in the very early days of City Conference sports, few sources listed the name of the coach. As the twentieth century arrived, there were more names of coaches mentioned. As the decades passed, more and more names were discovered. However, for some sports (i.e., swimming, golf and some of the other minor sports), a volunteer coach would oversee his team. In some cases, one of the members of the team would act as coach. These volunteer and student coaches were rarely named. I also found it unusual that the name of the athletic director was rarely published since most of the responsibilities were shared by several individuals. So not every space is filled when it comes to naming coaches and athletic directors.

My research was very limited for adapted sports and nordic skiing -- my apologies for not being able to list any of these.

Lastly, you should know that when listing a fall team, it is indicated by that specific year and not by the school year (i.e., Harding's football coach for the 1945-46 school year would be listed under 1945; conversely, the basketball and baseball coaches would be listed under 1946). I also chose to list the athletic director in the fall of the year.

John Vosejpka

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