Cross Country This volunteer website covers all of the sports teams in the Saint Paul City Conference: seven public high schools and twelve middle schools located in Saint Paul, Minnesota.
Trivia question of the week:
Which St. Paul school’s girl’s basketball team holds the record for the most consecutive conference wins?
1/9/2019 Thursday, January 10, 2019 1/11/2019
Basketball -- Boys
C Charter Stars 31, Highland Park 17 Highland Park
C Johnson 37, Como Park 31 Como Park
JV Johnson 58, Como Park 45 Como Park
JV Highland Park 67, Charter Stars 33 Highland Park
Var Charter Stars 78, Highland Park 70 Highland Park
Var Johnson 78, Como Park 54 Como Park
Basketball -- Girls
Var Como Park 99, Johnson 22 Johnson
Hockey -- Boys
JV Highland Park 1, Pine City Area 0 Pine City Arena
JV Johnson 4, Minneapolis 2 Parade Ice Garden
Var Minneapolis 3, Johnson 0 Parade Ice Garden
Var Pine City Area 6, Highland Park 3 Pine City Arena
Var Moose Lake Area 2, Becker/Big Lake 1 Princeton Ice Arena
Swimming/Diving -- Boys
Var Highland Park/SPA 95, Como Park 75 Humboldt
Middle School Basketball -- Girls
Meet: Middle School All-Star Basketball Game
Gold 37, Maroon 34
Gold team are from Murray, Farnsworth, Humboldt, Linwood Monroe, Battle Creek and Washington
Maroon team consists of players from Highland Park, Capitol Hill, Ramsey, Hazel Park, Parkway and American Indian Magnet

Highland Park
Middle School Wrestling -- CoEd
Meet: Washington vs. Inver Grove Heights M.S.
(no team scores kept)
Inver Grove Heights M.S.
Winter Sports for 2018-2019
Latest Results
Wednesday, January 16
Hockey -- Girls
Var South St Paul 4, Mahtomedi 1
Basketball -- Girls
Var Columbia Heights 41, Harding 32
JV Columbia Heights 38, Harding 29
C Harding 34, Columbia Heights 12
Wrestling -- Boys
JV Meet: Highland Park vs. Washington
(no team scores kept)
Var Central 45, Johnson 31
Var Washington 70, Highland Park 12
Var Harding 42, Como Park 31
JV Meet: Harding vs. Como Park
(no team scores kept)
JV Meet: Johnson vs. Central
(no team scores kept)
Gymnastics -- Girls
Var Central 117.35, Johnson 84.225
All-Around winner: Eden Hunt, Central, 29.725
Var Highland Park 124.95, Como Park 67.025
All-Around winner: Lia Wallace, Highland Park, 32.275
Adapted Floor Hockey -- CoEd
pi Humboldt 10, South Suburban 1
Tuesday, January 15
Hockey -- Girls
Var Hill-Murray 10, Hastings 1
Hockey -- Boys
Var Little Falls 7, Becker/Big Lake 1